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1. What is the Lorraine Rewards program?

Lorraine Rewards is our loyalty program designed to give you exclusive offerings, for being a loyal member of our Lorraine community! Once you become a loyalty member, you will be able to earn points on every order and redeem them for special reward. Plus, there's additional ways to earn points on other activities, such as for referrals and share our Facebook Page on your social media.

2. How do I become Lorraine Reward Member?

Joining is simple! Just click Earn Rewards -> Create an account. You will earn 500 points just by creating an account. Once you’re a Lorraine Rewards member, you will have full access to our offerings and rewards. Just be sure to sign in with the same account/email each time you shop.

3. How do I earn points?

You can earn points by doing the following:*

a) Earn 500 points when you create your account upon joining our Lorraine Rewards program.
b) Earn points every time you place an order! Members earn 100 point for every RM1 spent.
c) Earn up to 500 points by by sharing our Facebook page in your social media.

4. How to redeem my points?

Ways to redeem your points:
Once you log in, open your dashboard reward and click on 'Get Rewards' and the side navigation. Choose which reward is available for you based on your total reward then, click redeem.